Tom Kerridge’s Seared Bass

Our next set of films are with Tom Kerridge.  The recipes are taken from his latest book TOM’S TABLE.

I’ve worked with Tom from his first days on Great British Menu when he bowled in much larger than life, twice as talented and three times as adorable.  I’ve been lucky enough to meet his amazing wife Beth who apart from running The Hand & Flowers with Tom, creates works of art that literally take my breath away. Then rather more recently I had the honour of burping their rather special baby boy Acey, after a good dinner. 

We made these films a few months ago, when Acey was still a twinkle, like all good things they’ve taken a bit of time to get right but the first one “Seared Bass” will be here for you very soon to enjoy and hopefully follow.

TOM’S TABLE is full of amazing photographs by the very talented Cristian Barnett and jam packed with recipes that we can all tackle knowing that at the end of a little session in the kitchen we can serve up something truly special.  I’m not quite as good at ‘chopping’ as Tom, so things do take me a little longer but I love the recipes, the: “big bold and complex flavours” and that the recipes are: “not about showing off but about pleasure and generosity”.

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