Pot Roast Red Cabbage

This is our last film with Stephen Harris I’m sad to say.  When we shot this film the Red Cabbage dish was still new on the menu. Philip Harris urged me to try it as I stood at the menu board, “it’s delicious.. ” he said, “one of my favourites..”.  He was right to encourage […]

Bouillabaisse Sauce – Coming Soon

Stephen Harris’s bouillabaisse sauce.  There are all kinds of sauce but this one is truly sublime . It’s the kind of sauce that will transform a piece of fish, it’s extraordinary, extreme and the colour, burnt orange,  tells you what you can expect in the way of flavour, it’s deep, rich and beyond satisfying. This is not a quick […]


Stephen Harris makes the best sodabread!  For those who want to know how to make it, details will appear in our recipe section. The film which will also be available soon shows in detail how you can recreate it at home.  Watch and learn, nothing could be nicer…! The bread is sweet, dark and firm but melts in the […]