Tom Kerridge’s Seared Bass

Our next set of films are with Tom Kerridge.  The recipes are taken from his latest book TOM’S TABLE. I’ve worked with Tom from his first days on Great British Menu when he bowled in much larger than life, twice as talented and three times as adorable.  I’ve been lucky enough to meet his amazing […]

Pot Roast Red Cabbage

This is our last film with Stephen Harris I’m sad to say.  When we shot this film the Red Cabbage dish was still new on the menu. Philip Harris urged me to try it as I stood at the menu board, “it’s delicious.. ” he said, “one of my favourites..”.  He was right to encourage […]

The Sportsman Whitstable Kent

The past and present day environment is intrinsic to the cooking at The Sportsman and it is no surprise to find that this region used to supply the kitchens of Canterbury Cathedral, to provide for the Archbishop and the church during and after the time of Thomas Beckett. It is not hard on an early […]