Stephen Harris makes the best sodabread!  For those who want to know how to make it, details will appear in our recipe section. The film which will also be available soon shows in detail how you can recreate it at home.  Watch and learn, nothing could be nicer…!

The bread is sweet, dark and firm but melts in the mouth, teamed up with Stephen’s homemade butter and you could easily ruin your appetite before you’ve even begun.   When you eat at The Sportsman a bread board arrives with Sodabread, Rosemary and Onion Foccacia and Sourdough alongside the butter and a little dish of Petit Lucques olives.  Divine.

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  • Les Kimberley August 19, 2015 Reply »

    After tasting the soda bread at the Sportsman, I sought out the recipe and had a go. I have made bread for many years at home. The first time it was soggy, the second time a bit less so, but still took 40minutes+ to bake. I use accurate scales and an oven thermometer.

    I have now adapted it to use 4oz sr flour and baking for 50minutes. This is similar to a Dan Leppard sodabread recipe and works a treat, but is a bit of a stretch from the published version!

    Thanks anyway for a great website.

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