Pot Roast Red Cabbage

This is our last film with Stephen Harris I’m sad to say.  When we shot this film the Red Cabbage dish was still new on the menu. Philip Harris urged me to try it as I stood at the menu board, “it’s delicious.. ” he said, “one of my favourites..”.  He was right to encourage me.  My mum loved red cabbage and served it chopped, stewed and tart, and as much as I loved her cooking, the cabbage was often left bleeding on the side of the plate.  Looking at a menu, I would definitely pass it by in favour of almost anything else, but Philip’s recommendations are never made lightly, I knew that and I took the plunge.

Pot Roast Red Cabbage with stewed apple, mustard dressing and apple balsamic vinegar, topped with cream cheese and grated raw cabbage. Unbelievably good.  Far away from my mums best effort and raising the status of the red cabbage to rival that of the finest meat and fish.  I say it again.  Unbelievably good.

So a great film to end this little series and I draw your attention, once more, to the music, played by Stephen, the perfect complement to the landscape in which The Sportsman sits.

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  • peter March 10, 2016 Reply »

    It’s a shame Stephen is not doing anymore films. I love his unpretentious, simply approach to cooking !!!

    • Sarah March 11, 2016 Reply »

      We will try and do some more in the future.. don’t worry!

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