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Tom's Table My Everyday Favourite Recipes

Writing books is never easy, not for anyone, and for a chef like Tom who likes to be moving, doing, cooking, swimming, chatting, cooking, laughing, playing and cooking, it’s not easy either, but fortunately he is brilliant at just coming up with great and amazing recipes because that is what he does, at work, at home and over a BBQ in the back garden!

Tom’s Table 

I know there are a a good few people who help too, a look at the thank you list at the back of his books will tell you that.  What’s really great is that because Tom is a top bloke from the bottom of his white trainers to the top of his bald head everyone pulls out the stops and each book just gets better and better.  Tom’s Table is really quite special.  I would go so far as to say a classic!  The recipes are varied and with a little application, (even with a glass of wine in hand) you can knock them up with almost as much finesse as Tom himself and the photos by Christian Barnett are more than just a good indication of what the finished dish should look like but little works of art in themselves.

The photos here are taken at The Hand & Flowers and The Coach in Marlow featuring pirates with fire and knives..  a couple of Tom at the Book Shoot, Beth, a fine example of her work “Tom’s Trainers”  which you can find hung on the wall of the bar in The Hand and last but by no means least Inky and Sponge, the dogs…