Slipsole & Seaweed Butter Recipe






Slipsole in seaweed butter

Seaweed butter
Groundnut Oil

Oil a baking tray with Groundnut Oil. Just a small bit rub it lightly over the tray. Then sprinkle it with a little bit of salt.

Put the fish on the tray and cover in slices of the seaweed butter.

Grill the fish for around 3 / 4 minutes.  Stephen uses a Salamander grill but if this is not an option an oven at 180 degrees will do..  Baste every minute or so with the melting butter.

Check to see when the fillet is beginning to come away from the bone, as soon as it does take it out from under the heat and leave it to rest. Rest for 3 /4 minutes and then serve immediately.

Don’t add any further seasoning or lemon.  If you do you will interrupt the umami taste of the fish and seaweed butter.

Seaweed butter

1 litre of very good cultured cream (double cream will do but for a great butter it must be from a single herd).
16 gms sea salt – texture as fleur de sel.
16 gms dried seaweed – Nori.

Put the cold cream into a chilled mixer bowl (Stephen uses a Kenwood) and beat it at high speed. The cream will start to clump together and give off the buttermilk. It will start to splash everywhere so turn the speed down and allow the butter fat and butter milk to separate at low speed. Drain off the buttermilk and add the salt and dried seaweed. Then mix at low speed until the butter is an even colour and the salt is incorporated.
Put the butter on wax paper and work it to release the last of the buttermilk by kneading the butter. Wrap the butter in fresh wax paper and leave to set in the fridge.