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The Edible aims to makes films that really show you how chefs do it, no quick edits or shortcuts. You will need a bit of time to really enjoy this site.  We are starting with a fish, a pudding and something a little different.  We hope you enjoy them.

Be encouraged by the simplicity of the Slipsole recipe to cook it at home. Your fishmonger will prepare the fish for you, which makes it really straightforward.  We know that not everyone will want to pick their own seaweed, although it’s just there for the taking and will do you the world of good, but you now have the information to do just that if you choose and if not Nori is widely available to add to the best butter you can buy.

The Salt recipe is again something that anyone can do, if you have patience and a pan, and you can bear to boil and boil and boil, then you can make something that when you sprinkle it on your boiled egg, or present beautifully at a dinner party, will be more than just salt but a real artisan product, made with your own fair hands.

Last but by no means least is Gypsy Tart.  If Gypsy Tart isn’t for you then remember the pastry can be filled with any filling of your choice, or if you’re like us, just eaten for it’s own sake!

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  • Sarah October 21, 2015 Reply »

    thanks, a new film coming soon, let me know what you think I hope you like it.

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