Custard Tarts and Tom Kerridge

I’ve just uploaded the last of the films we made with Tom and Beth based on the recipes from his book Tom’s Table.  It is always good to chat to Tom about his ideas, always from the heart and Custard Tarts is really one of those.

He talked about growing up in Gloucester and going into town with his mum on a Saturday, and pressing his nose up against the bakery window, I think we all remember doing that!   Seeing freshly baked custard tarts, doughnuts, buns, lardy cake, all those different shapes and sizes of loaves and rolls, and by the way Tom if you’re reading this, Lardy Cake!  We need a recipe for that!

As he said a lot of those bakeries just don’t exist any more, all the ones that literally put their heart and soul into a fresh baked custard tart, where are they, the good ones like in the good old days? That’s what inspired this recipe, well that and cooking with Marcus Wareing on The Great British Menu when Marcus cooked possibly one of the most perfect and beautiful nutmeg custard tarts of all time, and I know that’s true, I was there, and yes I had a slice!  But these little beauties are really that, beauties.  Try them!  You owe it yourself.

The picture you see here is of Beth, Tom and Tony Stoney, Stoney helps Beth create her amazing sculptures…  so filming and feeding Beth and Stoney was part of the deal and as you can see it was hard bloody work…

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