Bouillabaisse Sauce – Coming Soon

Stephen Harris’s bouillabaisse sauce.  There are all kinds of sauce but this one is truly sublime .

It’s the kind of sauce that will transform a piece of fish, it’s extraordinary, extreme and the colour, burnt orange,  tells you what you can expect in the way of flavour, it’s deep, rich and beyond satisfying.

This is not a quick sauce to make, it takes time and effort, but the reward will exceed expectation.  This sauce illustrates Stephen’s cooking, his intuitive grasp of what, why and which flavours work, how to extract the most, the best, from everything, turning a simple sauce into a gift.

The word bouillabaisse is a blend of two verbs bolhir and abaissar forming the Occitan-French word bolhabaissa…  the verbs mean to boil and to simmer…  to any chef those two words mean flavour, and in this version of his bouillabaisse sauce that is what you will get.

Keep watching the film of The Sportsman‘s Bouillabaisse Sauce will be with you shortly…



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